MatX is an online contest for the students of 7th - 9th grades of elementary schools (and the relevant grades of gymnasiums), in which teams of 4 compete in solving mathematical tasks.
Last year more than 600 teams from almost 100 places in the Czech Republic and Slovakia competed in three different languages.


  • Photocompetition: The best photo of a team solving MatX on Instagram with hashtag "#matx2018" will win small prizes.
  • Follow us on Instagram (@matx_matematicky_expres).
  • The beginning of the competition can be set from 8.45 AM until 10 AM. Registered schools should expect an e-mail with detailed instructions one week before the competition.
  • Demo version of the competition is now available. You can try to create your own competition using the tasks from previous years. You can also choose the length of the demo competition. We recommend the demo as a preparation for this year's competition. It can also be useful during Maths lessons.
  • The registration to the competition is now live. 438 teams from 90 schools already signed up.
  • We have changed some rules from the last year. We have decreased the number of tasks to 35 and the school will be able to slightly adjust their starting time. You can find more in the rules.
  • We have decreased the price for Czech schools due to the changes in the exchange rate against Euro.